Here is the form:

Question 1

§ Music department computers/access for ALL, not just band
§ Leadership: model use of cutting edge technology/ideas for school population.
§ Opportunities: Having software that isn’t just band specific, and providing a venue for extended access to these technologies. (movies, music, office programs)
§ Different vocational opportunities: movie making
§ Goes way beyond just music, but truly integrates technology in many focus areas.
§ Movies for Bass – where does he go? Here. That’s right.

Question 2

§ BC Band website
§ Wiki
§ Smart Music Impact
§ Moodle: U of M
§ Blog
§ Movies: Test Tips, TIME MACHINE, concert movies, district movies
§ Presented at the Music Education Technology Conference
§ Research
§ Wiki
§ Created Multimedia project
§ Figured out a way to present it (AV equipment)

Question 3a

§ The Game
§ Smart Music Impact
§ Online Forum
§ Wiki

Question 3b

§ Smart Music
§ Moodle
§ Wiki
§ BC Band Website
§ Access: Department Computers, Printer

Question 3c

§ Website
§ Practice CD’s, resources
§ CD
§ Movies for the community. Rotary, School Board Meetings, Faculty Meetings, Staff Development, Conferences – MMEA, CMENC
§ Video Conferencing

Question 3d

§ Department Computers

Question 4

§ Arts Magnet
§ Positive Recognition despite the odds.
§ Grammy, News, Publicity – MOVIES
§ A source of community pride.
§ Source of inspiration for other teachers/students.

Question 5

§ U of M Mentorship Program
§ Moodle, Online Course Management
§ Rotary
§ Grammy Foundation