Top Gun Anthem


Ethan Goettsch, Laura Vincent, Aaron Joles, Cory Gordon

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What is the best way to SHOW and TEACH others what you have learned about your piece though the video? It's up to YOU to come up with what makes the most sense.

The following was simply the assignment, and should only be used as a STARTING POINT, or for reference.

The following points were decided upon as a class, and are used as a basis for which to conduct research about the song. Please note, that it is expected that the students will go above and beyond the following points, and only use these as a starting point. The findings will determine what is ultimately included in the final product.

The format of the research paper is a five (or more)-paragraph essay. Papers not written in this format will be given zero credit and the student will be expected to resubmit the paper in the correct format.

-Background of the song.
Made for the movie Top Gun

-When it was written.
1986 by Harold Faltermeyer

-Purpose it served (Was it written for a specific reason? Protest? Fun? Love? etc.)
To be on the Top Gun soundtrack and be the movies theme song

-Effect on society, or how society affected it.
No effect that I found and I looked every where

-Lyrics - include interpretation.
No Lyrics purely instrumental

-Who wrote it? Who performed it? If there are multiple performers, please list all. Who was the most popular? Were there different styles?
Harold Faltermeyer wrote it. Steve Stevens and Harold performed it.

-World/political events at the time.
Challenger EXPLODED on launch pad, Nintendo just came to the U.S.

Sexy_Tom...jpg, stevestevens.jpg, harold_faltermeyer.jpg

-Trends in popular culture (clothing, movies, music, video game-like things, entertainment, etc)
A. The puffy shirt and pirate look. This look can be traced back to Vivienne Westwood's fashion show in 1981
B. Leg warmers started with dancers but ended with EVERYONE wearing them around 1982
C. Try fingerless gloves - Billy Idol did it why cant you?
D. Flock of Seagulls, HUGE hair, Mullets, ANYTHING that was BIG and U-G-L-Y.