Courtney, Angie Vang, Jenny Fortner

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What is the best way to SHOW and TEACH others what you have learned about your piece though the video? It's up to YOU to come up with what makes the most sense.

i was wondering if we could have someone play as de Ap....Fergie....Eazy-E....Kim Hill....and Taboo....and kind of play out what happened
- Apl de Ap and first meets and becomes friends & starts group
- Eazy-E hires them
- and Apl de Ap finds Taboo and hires him
- Kim Hills quits and Fergie is hired
-then goes to cd stored(bored out of his mind) looks at cd....thinks boring...listen....boring....listen again....likes...then work on recording
+works on beat
+records vocals at park like area
+finish putting together
-Angie Vang


The following was simply the assignment, and should only be used as a STARTING POINT, or for reference.

The following points were decided upon as a class, and are used as a basis for which to conduct research about the song. Please note, that it is expected that the students will go above and beyond the following points, and only use these as a starting point. The findings will determine what is ultimately included in the final product.

The format of the research paper is a five (or more)-paragraph essay. Papers not written in this format will be given zero credit and the student will be expected to resubmit the paper in the correct format.

Background of the song Earned Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group
incorperates music from the Dick Dale version of the song Misirlou dickdale.jpg that is a picture of Dick Dale pump it was a version
of the song mirsirlou he incorperated.

When it was written: This song was recored in 2004 and published in 2006
Purpose it served (Was it written for a specific reason? Protest? Fun? Love? etc.)
Effect on society, or how society affected it. There wasn's really and effect on society but this song was wrote because some thought some people were better and they werent also it was wrote to dance and go crazy and just do your own thing.
Lyrics - include interpretation
:: lyrics.htm
Who wrote it? Who performed it? If there are multiple performers, please list all. Who was the most popular? Were there different styles? It was wrote by Nickolas Roubanis. The Black Eyed Peas performed it which is Fergie, Taboo, Will.I.Am and Apl.De.Ap . The most popular when this song was out was Will.I.Am. They werent different styles they were all American Hip Hop Performers.
World/political events at the time.
Pictures peas.jpg The_Black_Eyed_Peas.jpg pes23.jpg The third picture is the picture that was on the cover of the album pump
it was in Monkey Business

Trends in popular culture (clothing, movies, music, video game-like things, entertainment, etc)
Pocket bikes-These motorcycles are just like the real thing, only they are alot smaller and drive alot slower.

Tivo-The newest and best way to record your favorite shows. In the past you had to get a VHS tape, put it in the VCR and push record as soon as the show started. With Tivo there is no extra tapes to buy, you can record hours of tv, pause, rewind, playback, and on top of all of that, Tivo can remember which types of shows you like just in case you forgot to record something.

Napolian Dynomite-Napolian Dynomite was a hit movie in 2004. DVD sales for this movie where crazy high! In early 2005, the search term 'Napolean Dynamite' was a top phrase searched for according to Yahoo! Young teens and children were wearing T-Shirts that read, "Vote For Pedro". There has even been talk about a sequel to this movie.