Lady Marmalade

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Lady Marmalade is a famous song that has been covered by many artists. It was originally performed by Labelle in 1974. This song has been covered by Christina Aguilera, All Saints, and Moulin Rouge. The songs lyrics are very suggestive. The song is about prostitutes in Louisiana.
The lyrics in this song are all about sex and prostitution. The chorus is written from the prostitutes perspective. When translated reads,"Would you like to sleep with me tonight?"Some other segments talk about the color of the prostitutes skin and how her name is marmalade. It has several references to how his and the prostitutes night went.
During that time period was right around Nixon’s resignation and the Vietnam War. Lady Marmalade shed a soft, fun light on the prostitution in New Orleans. People listened to this song and thought it fun and not a big deal. I think that the area in New Orleans with these prostitutes was watched a lot more or a lot more busy because of this song. Lady Marmalade was written because of the effect of the prostitutes on New Orleans.
Lady Marmalade is a great song. It has a lot of questionable lyrics but it was number 1 for a week in 1975 and was the one hit for Labelle and her band. LaBelle did go on to have a very successful solo career. This song is a classic and this can be seen from the many times it has been covered by artists throughout the last thirty years.

Lady Marmalade was one of the first big hits in the 1970's Disco phenomenon. Originally recorded in 1974, it has been performed by several artists and in many styles. It was a number 1 hit in 1975 as well as in 2001 and is now regarded as a classic. It is probably best known for its highly suggestive lyrics.
It was written in 1974 by Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan and first performed by a band called Eleventh Hour. It was recorded by Labelle and was pretty big hit. In 2000 it was done by Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, Lil' Kim, and Missy Elliot for the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack and is the most popular version ever. The controversial chorus is "Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi ( Ce Soir?)" which means "do you want to sleep with me tonight" in french. The song is about a prostitute in New Orleans called "Lady Marmalade" who seduces a man.
The Labelle version was a R&B/Disco song. The band Labelle was a R&B/ Soul band formed in the early 60's by lead singer Patti LaBelle. After their hit Lady Marmalade, Patti went on to have a successful solo career and star in a commerecial for diabetes testing equipment.

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Background of the song

When it was written:
The original music and lyrics were written in 1974 by Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan. The lyrics were changed in the 2000 Moulin Rouge! version to change the setting from New Orleans, LA to Paris, France.

Purpose it served (Was it written for a specific reason? Protest? Fun? Love? etc.)

Effect on society, or how society affected it.

Lyrics - include interpretation

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Who wrote it? Who performed it? If there are multiple performers, please list all. Who was the most popular? Were there different styles?
Written by: Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan
Performed by: Eleventh Hour, Labelle, All Saints, Various Artists (for the Moulin Rouge! Soundtrack)
The most popular version was the single from the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack, it was on the charts in several countries in 2001.
The original was an R&B/Soul/Disco song with strong elements of funk and glam. The Moulin Rouge version ( performed by Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, and Missy Elliot) was done in a more contemporary style, including a synth-bass riff and a rap verse.

World/political events at the time.
The Watergate scandal and Nixon's resignation happened in 1975, shortly after it was released. The Vietnam War ended months after it was released.


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All Saints

Trends in popular culture (clothing, movies, music, video game-like things, entertainment, etc)//