Canned Heat

Nick Kyhn, Andre Spillman, Jordann Juris

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The following was simply the assignment, and should only be used as a STARTING POINT, or for reference.

The following points were decided upon as a class, and are used as a basis for which to conduct research about the song. Please note, that it is expected that the students will go above and beyond the following points, and only use these as a starting point. The findings will determine what is ultimately included in the final product.

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Background of the song
Canned Heat was released on May 17th, 1999 off Jamiroquai's album "Synkronized". It has style and sounds similar to the 1970's disco. Jamiroquai made this song to be danced to. It was used in many video games and a couple movies including Napoleon Dynamite. Jamairoquai is a english funk band that is popular all over the world.
When it was written
Purpose it served (Was it written for a specific reason? Protest? Fun? Love? etc.)
It was written for fun and for people to DANCE to! yay!
Effect on society, or how society affected it.

Lyrics - include interpretation
Who wrote it? Who performed it? If there are multiple performers, please list all. Who was the most popular? Were there different styles?
Jason Kay the lead singer of Jamiroquai wrote it. Band members of Jamiroqaui are Jason Kay, Derrick Mckenzie, Sola Akingbola, Rob Harris, Matt Johnson, Paul Turner, Lorraine Mcintosh, and Hazel Fernandez.
World/political events at the time.
Trends in popular culture (clothing, movies, music, video game-like things, entertainment, etc)