99 Red Balloons (99 Luftballoons)

McKensey Lancette, Emily Huttner

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What is the best way to SHOW and TEACH others what you have learned about your piece though the video? It's up to YOU to come up with what makes the most sense.

I think picture is the best way, it's seems like such a happy song, but it's about a sad time. to show pictures about how the song makes people feel happy and free, and then to show how the song is really about war and paranioa.

The following was simply the assignment, and should only be used as a STARTING POINT, or for reference.

The following points were decided upon as a class, and are used as a basis for which to conduct research about the song. Please note, that it is expected that the students will go above and beyond the following points, and only use these as a starting point. The findings will determine what is ultimately included in the final product.

The format of the research paper is a five (or more)-paragraph essay. Papers not written in this format will be given zero credit and the student will be expected to resubmit the paper in the correct format.

Background of the song
Never meant to be released to the US but an LA DJ found it bymistake and played it on the radio.
When it was written
It was written in 1983 and released in 1984
Purpose it served (Was it written for a specific reason? Protest? Fun? Love? etc.)
Protest against war. The 99 balloons represent the dreams of the german people that were lost after world war II
Effect on society, or how society affected it.
Brought attention to the war, This song is all about society and what was happening durring that time.
Lyrics - include interpretation

The song tells a story of people buying balloons and setting them free for fun. then the balloons show up on radar as an unidentified object. Both sides mistake it for the enemy's warcract and start fighting.
Who wrote it? Who performed it? If there are multiple performers, please list all. Who was the most popular? Were there different styles?
Composed by the keyboardist of Nena after a band member saw a group of balloons in the shape of a spacecraft at a music fest.
Orignally preformed by Nena. Song has been covered many times, most popular cover by Goldfinger.
There are bothe english and german versions from Nena, Goldfinger's version is in english but one verse is in german, The singer of goldfinger needed to take german lessons to learn how to propperly pronounce some of the words.
World/political events at the time.
It was the 80's big hair, and tight pants. Poppy songs and hard times in europe.

Nena pic

99 red balloons picture
Trends in popular culture (clothing, movies, music, video game-like things, entertainment, etc)
oh jeez, where do I start?
off the shoulder sweaters
side ponytails
crimped hair
big bangs
backcombing hair
leg warmers
the brat pack
most songs had REALLY stupid lyrics, but these lyrics are pretty deep