The 90's

Super Nintendo is released [september 21 1990]
Kurt Cobain dies (1994)
Tupac dies (1996)
The Notorious B.I.G.dies(1997)

Tupac Video
- Tupac = the Jesus of rap.

- Nirvana is the the most influential of the 90's.

in 1998 mmbop is nominated for 2 grammys.

In July 22 1991 the serial killer Jeffery Dahmer is arrested. He was responsable for 17 deaths.

The largest shopping mall in the u.s is built in minnesota named Mall of America

Bill Clintion is elected president (1990)

-pokemon is created in 1995

- backstreet boys, nsync, hanson, brittany spears.

- marilyn manson was one of the most controversial figures of the 1990's


-playstation was made in 94

-sega genesis
-cd format becomes popular
-cell phones
-President bush senior
- President Clinton: "i did not have sexual relations with that woman"
- Eminem
- super mario brothers