The 70's
Random popculture facts:
Apollo 13 is launched toward the Moon. [april 11 1970]
Tupac Shakur is born (1971)
Disney World opens in Florida [october 1 1971]
Watergate [june 7 1972]
Vietnam War ends [april 30 1975]
Apple computer is made [april 1 1976]
DJ's, MC's, break dancers, and graffitti artists in New York City start a movement called "Hip-Hop"(circa 1977)
Black Monday [october 15 1979]
shows that were popular M*A*S*H, themary tyler moore show
Movies Starwars, the Exorcist, Jaws, Rocky
Popular toys pong, atari, connect four, and pet rocks
The beatles breakup on April 10th 1970
The progressing rock created a new generation of bands
like Genesis, Yes, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and Pink Floyd
there were many other singers and bands that had started The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin,
AC/DC, Queen, Black Sabbath.
Nigerian Civil War ends
All my children premiers on ABC
Queen the group is formed
Kent state shooting
Jimi Hendrix dies from choking on his own vomit
the nuclear non-Proliferation treaty goes into effect
japan launches it's first satellite
Technology in the 1970's

was the start in many different ways of the electronic and digital revolution
1970's saw the beginning of the home computer were manly for hobbyists including the Apple II the TRS-80,
the Commodore PET, and Atari 400/800


Takin' Care of Business
  • was the product of a canadian rock band
  • the band had done covers of niel young and Bob Dylan songs
  • the meaning that people might think that the song is about is a hard working guy that has aq really good job. but it is really about the song writer gloating about the job musicians have, that of a rock star.
  • Story behind the piano part a pizza delivery guy named Norman Durkee had gotten the adress mistaken on his delivery and ended up approching the bands studio while they were recording. He suggested to spice it up aq little bit with some honky-tonk-sounding piano licks. upon a demonstraion of his techniques he was asked to record the song with them and the pizza man is listed as the pianist on one of the most popular rock songs of the 70's

Smoke on the Water
December 4, 1971 the band is in Montreux Switzerland
Frank Zappa and the mothers of invention were playing in the montreux casino
some one shot a flare gun in to the celing burning the casino to the ground
half of the insperation for the song came from the event of the casino, and half came from a dream
Roger Glover, the bassist came uip with the titile after he had a dream several days after the the fire. the purpos of this song was to let people know about the event and it served as a way of laughing it off
the actuall song was not released untill 1973